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Complete Books

A A Brief Sketch of Sri Siva Balayogiji (1962)

A short Telugu and English book (76 pages) published by the Adivarapupeta ashram committee for Shri Swamiji’s birthday on January 24, 1962.  Read the complete English text of "A Brief Sketch of Sri Siva Balayogiji" with many of the photographs from the original publication.

Spiritual Ministration Sri Shivabalayogi (1968)

Small book put together by Prof. S. K. Ramachandra, probably with Sri Sivabalayogi in its title, published in Bangalore in 1968.  Read the complete 1968 book, almost 12,000 words, Sri Shivabalayogi.

Spiritual Ministration Sri Sri Sri Shivabalayogi Maharaj Life & Spiritual Ministration (1981)

The biography of Shivabalayogi by Gen. Hanut Singh first published in 1981 (Bangalore) and republished in 1992 (Bangalore) and 2008 (Dehradun).  Contains a detailed section on the Practice of Dhyana Meditation.  Read the entire book, almost 50,000 words, Spiritual Ministration.


The Living Yogi (1995)

Written to help explain Shivabalayogi entering into mahasamadhi, much of its contents are incorporated into Divine PlayThe Living Yogi has been out of print for many years.

The original The Living Yogi  is now available as a free download.  This ebook contains a chapter omitted from the 1995 publication, a chapter on devotees’ experiences of Shivabalayogi’s darshan through bhava samadhi since Shri Swamiji dropped his own physical form.

Booklets and Pamphlets

The Lahari

The Lahari is a booklet published in Bangalore on the occasion of Shri Swamiji’s 54th birthday on January 24, 1989.  It contains conversations with Shri Swamiji and devotees’ experiences, mostly collected in England during Shivabalayogi’s visits in 1987 and 1988.  Read The Lahari.

Sri Siva Bala Yogi, Spiritual Essence and Luminescence

Published by the Bangalore ashram shortly after 1977 when it was relocated to its present site in J. P. Nagar, this booklet includes a description of the ashram and Shivabalayogi’s work giving mass feedings, meditation, and bhava samadhi.  Read Sri Siva Bala Yogi, Spiritual Essence and Luminescence



History of Books on Shivabalayogi

A short review of how each biography written on Shivabalayogi, including Spiritual Ministration (1981), Tapas Shakti (1992) and Divine Play (2004), has incorporated material from the previous one.

The Inner Guide, by Jay Mazo.  Excerpts from this book originally published in 1973 include the author's first experiences of Shivabalayogi and sample of the poems that were inspired in him during meditation.

Escape from Kuwait, by D. Jagadish Kumar.  Shivabalayogi was on the British Airways flight that stopped in Kuwait to refuel and was captured by the invading Iraqi army in August of 1990.  This is the story of how he and his interpreter escaped after three weeks.

Swamiji’s Agenda by Prof. P.N. Murthy.  An article on the spiritual significance of Shivabalayogi's tapas and mission in the world by the acclaimed engineer, respected spiritual scholar, and literary Telugu author whom Shivabalayogi asked to translate the Yoga Vasishta into English.

Swamiji as I Knew Him by D. S. Rao.  Written shortly after Shivabalayogi entered mahasamadhi, this article includes the author's experiences with Swamiji and some practical advice on meditation.

Spiritual Science by B. S. Lamba.  Excerpts from this book published in 1961, shortly before Shivabalayogi completed his twelve-year tapas, written by a devotee and former President of the Adivarapupeta ashram committee about his own experiences through Swamiji, including bhava samadhi.

Tapoleela Telugu Language Magazine

The inaugural issue of Tapoleela, a Telugu language magazine devoted to Shivabalayogi, is available for download as a PDF document.




Transcripts of complete recorded conversations with Shivabalayogi
can be downloaded from the TRANSCRIPTS page.