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Books on Shri Shri Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj have a continuity dating back to when Shri Swamiji completed his twelve-year tapas.  They include a Telugu and English booklet entitled A Brief Sketch of Sri Siva Balayogiji published in 1962, and a small English book, Sri Shivabalayogi, published in Bangalore in 1968.


A Brief Sketch of Sri Siva Balayogiji

A Telugu and English booklet entitled A Brief Sketch of Sri Siva Balayogiji was was written by Garaga Narashima Murthy, T.V Sathyanarayan Rao, and Rumale Chennabasaiah, and published by the Adivarapupeta ashram committee for Shri Swamiji’s birthday on January 24, 1962.

The complete English text and many photographs from the booklet are reproduced HERE




Sri Shivabalayogi (1968)

Spiritual MinistrationThe Adivarapupeta booklet was translated and additional material added by Prof. S. K. Ramachandra Rao in a small book, probably with Sri Sivabalayogi in its title, published in Bangalore in 1968.

The additional material includes descriptions of bhava samadhi at the Bangalore ashram on Bannerhgatta Road.

The complete book, Sri Shivabalayogi (1968) can be read ONLINE and a printer-friendly TEXT VERSION can be downloaded.





Sri Sri Sri Shivabalayogi Maharaj Life & Spiritual Ministration

Spiritual MinistrationCollected and written by Lt. Gen. Hanut Singh (ret.), Spiritual Ministration was originally published by the Bangalore Trust on the occasion of Shri Swamiji’s 46th birthday on January 24, 1981.

This was the book that Shri Swamiji brought with him on his first visit to the United States in 1988, and it was reprinted for his 1989-1991 tours in the West.

At Shri Swamiji’s request, Spiritual Ministration was combined with Darshan and additional material, then published by the Bangalore Trust in 1992 as Tapas Shakti.

Read more about Spiritual Ministration and read or download the entire book, Spiritual Ministration.

The Practice of Dhyana   Spiritual Ministration included an appendix with a detailed description of the practice of dhyana meditation.  The article was based upon Gen. Hanut’s conversations with Shri Swamiji, his personal and extensive experience in meditation, and his own study of the Indian traditions of meditation.  Read the complete article, The Practice of Dhyana.

Bhava Leela (the Play of Trance)   Spiritual Ministration also included a chapter on bhava samadhi (spiritual trance) with is reproduced in it entirety with additional illustrations and examples at the Bhava Leela page.

The Yoga Vasistha   Spiritual Ministration also included a summary of the Yoga Vasistha, which Shivabalayogi described as the only ancient scripture that properly preserves the teachings of a yogi.  The original work, about 32,000 verses, is so large that it usually published in several volumes.  Read the summary of The Yoga Vasistha.



DarshanDarshan is a collection of notes and transcripts of conversations with Shivabalayogi in Seattle and Portland from 1988 to 1990.  The material was collected and edited by Tom Palotas and sent to Shri Swamiji in Bangalore who had the manuscript published in India by the Bangalore Trust for Swamiji’s birthday in 1991.  He brought copies with him to the West that year.

At Shri Swamiji’s request, the material in Darshan was combined with General Hanut’s biography (Spiritual Ministrations) and, together with devotees’ experiences (mostly from the United States) and additional question-and-answer material collected in 1991, it was published in India by the Bangalore Trust for Swamiji’s 57th birthday in 1992 as Tapas Shakti.  


The Living Yogi

The Living YogiThe Living Yogi is an account of Shri Swamiji’s mission in the world, the events leading up to his mahasamadhi, and his continued presence in the world today.  Written by Tom Palotas, who was with Swamiji during the two months before Shri Swamiji entered mahasamadhi, the book was published by the Bangalore Trust in India and presented to the public in Adivarapupeta on the first mahasamadhi anniversary, on April 2 of 1995.

The Living Yogi has been out of print for many years.  More complete accounts of Shri Swamiji’s mission and his mahasamadhi are available in the other books on Swamiji:  Divine Play, the Silent Teaching of Shiva Bala Yogi and to Swamiji’s Treasure, God Realization & Experiences of Shivabalayogi.

However, The Living Yogi reflects the profound loss that devotees experienced with Shri Swamiji’s mahasamadhi.  It is an invaluable piece of the Shivabalayogi story, and provides insight into how that story is continuing without Shri Swamiji’s physical form.

The original publication, plus a chapter omitted from the 1995 publication, is now available without charge as an e-book.  Please go to The Living Yogi page for more information and the download.


Download source transcripts of conversations from which books on Shivabalayogi are drawn.