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Sri Sri Sri Shivabalayogi Maharaj, Life & Spiritual Ministration, collected and written by Hanut Singh, was originally published by the Bangalore Trust on the occasion of Shivabalayogi’s 46th birthday on
January 24, 1981.

This was the book that Shri Swamiji brought with him on his first visit to the United States in 1988 (the cover on the left), and it was reprinted for his 1989-1991 tours in the West (cover on the right).

Spiritual Ministration includes a detailed account of Shivabalayogi’s childhood and twelve-years of meditation in samadhi, which remains the main source of information about the great yogi’s tapas.  The book also contains short descriptions of Shivabalayogi’s first travels to Bangalore and Dehradun and four disciples initiated by Shivabalayogi into tapas, and an outline of The Yoga Vasistha.  There are detailed descriptions of Shivabalayogi’s use of bhava samadhi and of the practice of dhyana meditation.

Gen. Hanut Singh with Shivabalayogi General Hanut Singh with Shivabalayogi.  Photo taken at the Dehradun ashram.

General Singh served as an officer in the Indian army.  He commanded an armored regiment, the Poona Horse, during the 1971 war with Pakistan, the most heavily decorated Indian army regiment of that 13-day war.

General Hanut meditated extensively at night while engaged in his duties as an army officer during the day.  There is the story from the 1971 war when Gen. Hanut retired to a shed to meditate alone.  When he got up, an armed Pakistani soldier, who had been hiding in the shed the entire time, surrendered.

General Hanut is also the author of a biography of Shri Bala Sati Mata (1903-1986), a revered saint from Rajastan who miraculously survived sati in 1943.  She spent the rest of her life without food or water.

Gen. Hanut is retired and living by the Dehradun ashram where he continues his meditation practice.  You can read about General Hanut’s experiences with Shivabalayogi HERE.

Shivabalayogi presents the new edition of Spiritual Ministration
to the public, Bangalore ashram, 1989

From the Preface to Shri Shri Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj, Life & Spiritual Ministration, by Lt. Gen. Hanut Singh PVSM, MVC

“The life of a saint is a life essentially of the Spirit; very little of it is discernible because very little of it flows on the surface.  And this life of the Spirit cannot be generally known because Mahatmas rarely, if ever, talk about it;  only stray glimpses can be caught from the casual utterances of these Divine Personages.  Sri Swamiji, on the other hand, has been much more forthcoming than most other Mahatmas in giving an account of his personal experience during the 12 long years of Tapas period.  Therefore, the chief value of this book lies in the fact that it contains an authentic and reasonably detailed account of the Tapas of a great Mahatma.  That apart, it contains some valuable practical guidance for Dhyana Yoga Sadhana, as taught by Sri Swamiji.  For both these reasons, this book should prove interesting and useful reading for all classes of spiritual aspirants, and more particularly, to devotees of Sri Swamiji.”

At Shri Swamiji’s request, Spiritual Ministration was combined with Darshan and additional material, then published by the Bangalore Trust as Tapas Shakti.

Spiritual Ministration is now published as an
through Handloom Publishing at

Read the Complete Book
Spiritual Ministration

The Complete Book, Sri Sri Sri Shivabalayogi Maharaj, Life & Spiritual Ministration (1989 edition), including original illustrations and appendices, is now online. You can read it HERE.
Chapters include:

The Practice of Dhyana

Spiritual Ministration included an appendix with a detailed description of the practice of dhyana meditation.  The article was based upon Gen. Hanut’s conversations with Shri Swamiji, his personal and extensive experience in meditation, and his own study of the Indian traditions of meditation.

The complete appendix, The Practice of Dhyana, HERE.

Bhava Leela (the Play of Divine Trance)

In the chapter on bhava and bhava samadhi, "Bhava Leela", Gen. Hanut describes the trance phenomena in the context of Indian spiritual tradition and history, its benefits, and the uniqueness of how generously Shivabalayogi evokes the phenomena.

The complete chapter "Bhava Leela" HERE.

Yoga Vasistha

General Hanut’s summary of the Yoga Vasistha, the most important spiritual treatise on non-dualistic philosophy.

Shri Shri Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj, Life & Spiritual Ministration has been reprinted by Gen. Singh in 2008, Dehradun, India.

Spiritual Ministration is now published as an
through Handloom Publishing at