“After I am gone
people can say
whatever they want about Swamiji.”


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The original Shivabalayogi website.


The website of the Bangalore Trust.

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Shivabalayogi Seva Foundation

The Shivabalayogi Seva Foundation, based in Tucson, Arizona, serves to make information and resources on Shivabalayogi available to the public.

Some of Shivabalayogi's devotees have their own websites, but the Shivabalayogi website does not promote any particular devotee.  We believe that Shivabalayogi's only successors are all of his devotees.

We hope that by making accurate information available about Shivabalayogi, we can all better understand not only this great Yogi of Yogis, but also other Self-realized yogis in all spiritual traditions, whether Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Sufi, Jewish or any other tradition.

For information about the Shivabalayogi Seva Foundation please e-mail to info@shiva.org.


Shivabalayogi Tapas 4mos

“Joining groups is Religion.  Let us say you are in a group.  Now just because you met Swamiji and learned the meditation you want to leave that group and join this group.  This is bad because the new group is also becoming something like a religion.  You should not do that.”

“There should not be any desire to have groups.  Everybody can do the meditation.  There is politics in religion.  There is no God in religion.”

Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj International Trust

The Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj International Trust was established in Bangalore in 1996 with its spiritual headquarters in Adivarapupeta.  Each Mahashivaratri, it holds an annual meeting in Adivarapupeta, open to all devotees.  The International Trust is not an ashram.  Instead, it actively supports Shivabalayogi ashrams and centers around the world and organizes meditation and bhajan programs in India.

The Shivabalayogi Website 

The Shivabalayogi website is an archive for documents, photographs, video recordings, audio recordings and movie film on Shivabalayogi.  The Foundation and the International Trust have over two hours of film, a hundred hours of video recordings, thirty hours of audio recordings of conversations, and 3,600 photographs of Shri Swamiji.  In addition to Swamiji’s personal papers, the Foundation has collected hundreds of personal experiences with Shivabalayogi, including from devotees throughout India, the United States, and England.

HandloomThese resources are available to anyone who would like to use them.

Handloom Publishing

Handloom is the name under which the Shivabalayogi Seva Foundation publishes books, videos and bhajan recordings about Shivabalayogi.


The websites devoted to Shivabalayogi are:


www.shiva.orgThe Shiva Site

The website that
Shivabalayogi himself blessed

This is the original Shivabalayogi website and it remains the main site.  It contains detailed information about Shri Shri Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj, his tapas and his mission, his darshan, meditation and bhajan programs, bhava samadhi, blessed vibhuti, and excerpts from conversations arranged by subject matter.


www.Shivabalayogi.org This Shivabalayogi Site

  • Information about the life of Shivabalayogi,

  • His meditation and public programs,

  • Experiences of Shivabalayogi and his soul connection with devotees,

  • His words, quotes from the source arranged by subject matter,

  • Shivabalayogi’s presence in the world today and his successors

  • Shivabalayogi bookstore, library, archives, video, photos, bhajan downloads (Handloom Publishing).


    www.Shivabalayogi.org Shivabalayogi Trust, Bangalore


    ShivabalayogiTrust is the website recently inaugurated on August 7, 2017, by the Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj Trust in Bangalore (Bengaluru).

    The site has information on Shivabalayogi, the large ashram in the J.P. Nagar district of Bangalore, and other ashrams in India managed by the Bangalore Trust.


    Shivabalayogi Currents

    A blog site with news about Shivabalayogi’s devotees
    Get Shivabalayogi Currents by sending your name in an e-mail to ssbymit@gmail.com



    www.Shivabalayogi.org Shivabalayogi Writer’s Corner

    Shivabalayogi Writer’s Corner
    contains articles about:

    • How Shivabalayogi and other yogis differ from spiritual leaders ― Yogis, Teachers & Saints

    • The Living Yogi, Shivabalayogi’s continued presence in the world today

    • Yoga Vasishta, the spiritual treatise that Shivabalayogi recommended, the most comprehensive exposition of non-dualistic (advaita) philosophy or Vedanta

    • Bhava Samadhi, Spiritual Trance, the path of devotion (bhakti)


Links to Some Shivabalayogi-Related Websites:

The best source of updated contacts for obtaining Shivabalayogi's initiation into meditation.  Meditate-Shivabala also has a devotee's forum and contains information on Shivabalanada (R. B. Singh), a devotee of Shivabalayogi who tours in the West.

Shivabalamahayogi and Shivabalayogi Canada
These two sites are devoted to M. P. Singh who is promoted by his devotees as Shivabalayogi in a new body.

The site dedicated to Baba Shivarudrabalayogi, a devotee of Swamiji who has been appointed the Chairman of the Bangalore Trust..