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the Silent Teaching of

Some experiences published in Divine Play can be found at the STORIES pages of the Shivabalayogi website.

More about Divine Play:

How Divine Play Came to Be Written

What Readers Are Saying about Divine Play

Divine Play is a unique spiritual book directly inspired by Shivabalayogi, one of the great spiritual masters of the 20th Century.

It is a detailed description of enlightenment and the process of Self-realization, and it contains experiences and miracles from throughout India, England and the United States.

Although Shivabalayogi gave no discourse or formal teaching, he enjoyed conversations with devotees, answering their questions, and eager to communicate understanding.

Divine Play contains a great yogi’s insights into divine beings, religion and contemporary world conditions.

Divine Play is for all lovers of God who seek an understanding of themselves and the presence of God in the world.

Through the words, Shivabalayogi teaches in silence and gives experiences.  Simply reading about him evokes his presence.

“This is the best book that I have read on any yogi.  You really get tuned into Swamiji’s living presence by reading this inspired book.”

“I feel that there is a power in your writing which makes us enjoy Sri Swamiji’s Holy Presence even now by reading this book.”

Divine Play is drawn from several sources:  Telugu and English booklets published during the early years after Swamiji emerged God-realized on
August 7, 1961;  Shri Shri Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj, Life and Spiritual Ministration written by General Hanut Singh and published in 1981;  Swamiji’s own collection of papers;  conversations with Shri Swamiji, many tape-recorded between 1988 and 1994;  and over a hundred devotees’ personal experiences collected throughout India, the United States, and England.

What Shivabalayogi communicates cannot be contained in words.  That is the meaning of silent teaching  —  a yogi gives experiences and imparts direct understanding.

  • The words of a Yogi convey silent love and blessings.  That is Divine Play.

  • A rare description of the process of meditation, samadhi, tapas and God realization.

  • A spiritual guide to the ancient and universal culture that underlies all religion.

  • A great yogi’s insights into spirituality, yogis, divine beings, religion and contemporary world conditions.

  • The miracles of Shivabalayogi’s healing presence.

    Divine Play was published with the generous financial contribution of Dr. V. A. and Girija Ram
    in loving memory of their son, Surya Paul Ram.


    Divine Play: the Silent Teaching of ShivaBalaYogi

    Written by Tom Palotas, the author of Darshan, Tapas Shakti, The Living Yogi and Swamiji’s Treasure.
    Divine Play
    is printed in the U.S.A. and distributed by Lotus Press 290 pages illustrated with over a hundred photographs.
    Published 2004.    ISBN 0-9760783-0-9

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