Transcripts of Conversations with Shivabalayogi


Transcripts of video taped and audio recorded conversations with Shivabalayogi
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1989 New Age Forum   Santa Barbara, California, cable television interview by Charles Whitt, host of the program New Age Forum.  Excerpts from this television program that was taped in June of 1999.


1989 Cambridge   Recorded on video tape by Peter Morales in Cambridge, Massachusetts, July 1989.  This material was edited and used by Morales in the 1990 television program, “The New Age and the Paranormal”.

1990 New England   Video tape taken by Peter Morales in New England during Shri Swamiji's visit the in 1990.  Portions of this material, plus segments from the video taken in Cambridge in 1989, was included in the video "Shivabalayogi in New England" that Peter Morales put together.


1990 Santa Fe Radio   Interview for a Santa Fe radio broadcast on June 3, 1990, by Alan Hunter.  Much of this material was also published in a local Santa Fe newspaper.


1990 Portland   Two extended conversations with Shivabalayogi tape recorded on May 18 and 19, 1990, at the house where he was staying in Portland.


1990 Seattle   Four conversations with Seattle devotees that were recorded in May and June of 1990.


1990 Seattle Synergy   Cable television interview of Shivabalayogi conducted by Charlene Ryan, host of the program, Synergy. Interpreted by D. Jagadish Kumar. The program was taped and aired live on June 25, 1990.  Unfortunately, the only copy we have of the program is a poor quality video tape recording made of the broadcast.


1991 Las Vegas   Taken from a video-taped conversation on April 16, 1991, in the living room of Dr. V. A. Ram in Las Vegas, Nevada. Major portions of the video tape was edited to make the DVD program entitled, “Jesus, Yogis and Spiritual Leaders.”  For more information and to purchase a copy of this DVD, click HERE.


1991 Portland TV   Portland public access television interview arranged and conducted by Pauline Crouch, a devotee who was one of Swamiji’s hosts in Portland.  The interview was taped in 1991 and subsequently aired on public access television.  We do not have a copy of the television program itself.


1991 Boulder   Conversation video-taped in the home of Swamiji's hosts, Shankar & Chandradevi, in Boulder, Colorado, on July 7, 1991.  Swamiji talks about spiritual leaders charging money and trying to force him out of Bangalore, the development of the Bangalore ashram in J.P. Nagar, Bhagavan Nityananda, and bhava samadhi.  This video tape was obtained after Divine Play and Shivabalayogi’s Treasure were published, so it contains previously unpublished material.


1994 Bangalore Interview with Shivabalayogi   The second of two Bangalore interviews with Shri Swamiji that devotees organized at his request.   Swamiji’s purpose was for devotees to ask questions in order to collect material to be published in The Inner Eye, a newsletter being prepared by Bangalore devotees.  The 1994 interview is available on DVD through Handloom as “Interview with Shivabalayogi”. 

1990 New York Interview   Video taped interview by Jack Lenchner in which Swamiji answers questions about meditation, his message (reduce tension), liberation and God realization, wholesome foods and a macrobiotic diet that abstains from milk, how he was made to sit in tapas, avatars Sai Baba and Meher Baba, the atma (soul), the origins of Guru Purnima and Mahashivaratri, and kaya kalpa.