Interview with Shivabalayogi




Interview with Shivabalayogi
Bangalore, February 6, 1994

In early 1994, Shri Swamiji asked devotees to arrange occasions when they could ask him questions and the conversations could be tape-recorded.  Swamiji wanted the question and answer material to be used in newsletters that could be distributed to all devotees.  The second and last such session, on February the 6th, was video-taped.

This recording is a good example of what it was like to be with Swamiji during conversations with devotees, even though the sound quality is sometimes poor.  It was a Sunday afternoon when the Bangalore ashram prepares for the weekly mass feeding and bhajan tapes were being broadcast over loudspeakers outside Swamiji’s room.

Swamiji answers questions about recognizing yogis and munis (ancient yogis), Ramakrishna and Ramana Maharshi, raising children and passing on culture, Swamiji's darshan, Hinduism as a religion, and the gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva as universal.


About Yogis

In this excerpt from the video recorded interview, Bangalore, February 6, 1994, Shivabalayogi explains why different yogis emphasize different paths, how Ramakrishna attained samadhi (enlightenment) through his guru, Totapuri, and how Ramana Maharshi's emphasis on self-inquiry is the purpose of meditation.









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