Audio Recordings of Conversations with Shivabalayogi


Shivabalayogi engaged in conversations with devotees on a wide variety of subjects,
and on occasion, he was interviewed by the media.

We have over thirty hours of recorded conversations with Shivabalayogi.  Some were recorded during television or radio interviews, others video taped, and most recorded on a portable cassette player.  The sound quality also varies.

The following are links to excerpts by subject matter taken from various different recordings.
Each is a short audio file in WMA format and can be downloaded.


Darshan.   Shri Swamiji talks about how people are transformed simply being in his presence.

Bhajans & Bhava.   Shri Swamiji advises how to play bhajans so he can give devotees bhava samadhi.

Swamiji’s Mission.   Swamiji insists that he has no mission.  His purpose is to teach people to meditate and reduce their tensions.

Swamiji’s Astral Presence.   If we call, he is with us.

  Shivabalayogi chants Om Namah Shivaya



Shivabalayogi audio astral presence  AUDIO FILE click to listen


Please note that the English speaking is of Swamiji’s interpreter, D. Jagadish Kumar.
Shivabalayogi and Jagadish are speaking in the Telugu language.

Synergy Television Program Interview, by Charlene Ryan.  Seattle, June 25th, 1990.

Swamiji:   He says well, when you have his darshan, that is when you look at him, just the look itself will give you that energy, he says.

Q:   Yes, I feel it.

Swamiji:   That’s what he says, that’s what is called the philosophical [i.e., spiritual] current, the currents of philosophy.  He gives you those currents.
So that’s the way he wants to serve the people.  That’s the way he wants to change the people.  That’s what is called the power attained through tapas.  It’s called tapas shakti.

Q:   What I feel is that whatever is out of balance, being in his presence is an invitation to come into balance.

Swamiji:   He says yes. He says automatically you will come to balance.

Q:   When people are in his presence, does he see their auras?  Can he see illnesses?  What does he see?

Swamiji:   He says well, it’s the other way around.  All those that are in him, the people will see it, he says.  The light, the aura in him, the power in him, the energy in him, it’s we who see that.  He need not see what is in us.  He says well, he just sits there without doing anything.  Then the current, the lighting and all, all those will go effect the people sitting there.  If you inquire from the people you’ll understand that.

Q:   So it seems in my experience that what he does is open up his heart and we take what we want.

Swamiji:   “Yes, correct.”

Q:   Can Swamiji notice the difference in the students as they are progressing?

Swamiji:   Yes, he comes to know of it.  He says not only him, but the people who are doing the practice, they also know of it, they also come to know of it.  And also the people who are watching them, the others will see them, they also will come to know of that.

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Bhajans & Bhava

Shivabalayogi audio astral presence   AUDIO FILE click to listen


Q:   So he has not started [giving trance] yet.

Translator:   He has not started.

Swamiji:   So once he starts, then the bhajans should be good.  If something goes wrong with the bhajans then . . . So whichever way you think, slow or fast, the same music should go.  If you are singing slow, the music should not be fast.  It should be correct.  It should not be out of order like slow and fast. Have control.

Q:   Control.

Swamiji:   [without translation]  “Yes.”

Q:   Practice.

Swamiji:   [without translation]  “No practice, buddhi.”

Q:   Buddhi?

Swamiji:   [without translation] “Yes”

Q:   Intellect.

Swamiji:   It doesn’t matter how much you practice, if you don’t use your proper mind at that time. Control . . .. Have to be in balance.

(D. Jagadish Kumar translating)

Q: How does Swamiji know if he is in samadhi?

Swamiji: He says even in samadhi, even meditation, all your stories he will come to know.

Q:   All my stories?

Swamiji:   “Yes.”

Interpreter:  All that you do that, everything he knows.

Swamiji:   He says the astral body which gets you the energy, when you are doing the bhajans.  You get the energy through the astral body.  So it is his astral body who brings you that energy. Through that he comes to know what is happening.  You know Terry, who is staying here? Now he got the trance.  He tried to control it a lot but he could not. He came and told Swamiji.  Swamiji told him that he should not try to control it.  So there was no need to control it.

Swamiji:   He is letting us know how to differentiate between people who are in trance and who aren’t.  He says those who are really in trance, who are in bhava samadhi, their face will glow.  You can easily see a glow in their face.  Their face becomes bright.  Whereas those who are not in trance, who are just playing a drama, acting, their face becomes dark, without light.  If you just look at the person you will come to know whether it is true trance or whether it is just drama.

Q:   Well, Swamiji may see light.  I see faces.  I’ll just play the music.

Swamiji:   He says everybody will come to know whether the person is really in trance or not.  All the public comes to know of it, because of the glow that they have in the face.

Swamiji:   He says you pray to Swamiji, you salute to Swamiji, you prostrate to Swamiji, and then you do the arthi to Swamiji’s photograph, and then you start the bhajans.

Q:   After meditation and before bhajans?

Swamiji:   [Before any translation] “Yes.”

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Swamiji’s Mission

Shivabalayogi audio astral presence   AUDIO FILE click to listen


Radio Interview by Alan Hunter, Santa Fe, May 5, 1990

Q:   Now that he’s here, what is his purpose or focus of being in the world now?

Swamiji:   He says, what I have learned, I want to teach that to the public.  That’s my purpose.

Synergy Television Program Interview by Charlene Ryan, Seattle, June 25th, 1990

Q:   Why would he take on something for another person?

Swamiji:   He says it’s his duty.  He has come here for that.  That’s why he does it.

Q:   So it’s his mission.

Swamiji:   It’s his duty. He has been asked to do that by his master.  He has come here to this world to reduce our tension.

Q:   So he teaches us how to meditate, how to reduce our tensions.  What else does he do?

Swamiji:   He’ll save you, he’ll protect you from all sorts of difficulties, all sorts of troubles. Mental illness, health, body health.  “Tension.”  And also tension. He will help you attain the self-realization, to go nearer to God.  With all these things in mind he has come to us.  So much of duty to perform he has come to us.

Q:   Tell him thank you.

Swamiji:   He has not come here for himself.  He has not come here for his sake.  It’s for us.

Cable Television Interview by Pauline Crouch, Portland, Oregon, 1991

Q:   What is Swamiji’s mission in general?  What is his purpose at this point?

Swamiji:   He says he has not started a mission.  He has not started anything as such. He is just trying to reduce the tension in the minds of people and trying to show them God.  That is his purpose, he says.  And he is here to train people to realize God.

Q:   What does Swamiji have to offer Americans that they don’t already have?

Swamiji:   He says the Americans have a lot of tension.  They don’t have the sadhana, or what we mean spiritual practice, that’s what we call sadhana.  The Americans don’t have that, he says.  That’s why he has come here to teach them the sadhana. And to reduce the tensions, he says.

Interview by Bojan Gorenc, Bangalore, February 1, 1994

Q:   What is Swamiji’s role in the world?

Swamiji:   It is his intention and his role in the world to see where there is tension in the minds of people, and to go there and reduce their tensions, to bring them into the spiritual line.  Once they are brought into the spiritual line, their tensions reduce and they lead a peaceful life.  That is his intention.  That’s what he wants to do in the world.

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Swamiji’s Astral Presence

Shivabalayogi audio astral presence  AUDIO FILE click to listen


Seattle, May 5, 1991

Q:   Once we are physically initiated, you can have Swamiji’s darshan any time by using the vibhuti and meditating?

SBY:   Yes, and you can see him in the astral bodies.

Las Vegas, April 16, 1991

Q:   So the whole idea of Swamiji guiding us without us even talking to him because he is not here, the inner guidance.  Is that with all yogis, that’s a power of yogis?

SBY:   He says yes, they do come in their astral bodies and they help you.  They guide you.  All the yogis do that.  When he says the astral body, what he means is the minute [i.e. small] body.

Q:   We hear the minute body to be the super causal or the soul body.  Other terminology.

Interpreter:   What he says is sukshma is minute.  So he calls it the sukshma sharira.  It is the minute body.

Seattle, May 31st, 1990

Q:   When you are over in India, and we’re over here, and you’re there on the other side of the world, when you talk about that your darshan will be with us, do you actually live inside us?  Like when he’s living over in India, is he living inside us?

SBY:   Just like airplane flying from India to America, just like astral body or something, just like airplane flying from India to America.  Just like that.  He flies from there to you heart, or _____ [inaudible] {will be in front of you}.

Q:   So is he there all the time or just when we . . .

SBY:   [without waiting for translation]  Whenever you people pray for Swamiji, he just comes to you and holds you in his arms.  [Or for whomever you pray, they come to you, solve your problems, and then leave.]

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