Sri Shivabalayogi (1968)


Sri Shivabalayogi

by Prof. S. K. Ramachandra Rao



This short book book, probably with Sri Sivabalayogi in its title, was put together by Prof. S. K. Ramachandra and published in Bangalore in 1968.  It draws from the earlier English and Telugu booklet published by the Adivarapupeta ashram committee for Shri Swamiji’s birthday on
January 24, 1962.




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Constant conflict between the forces of good-evil, the Daivi and Asuri Shaktis is going on in the universe since the beginning of creation. With the progress of Science and preponderance of materialism, humanity and the world is rushing headlong towards destruction and darkness. The greatest need of mankind today is the revival of Spiritualism and Divine guidance.

At all such troublous times, God comes down on earth in different forms as Saints and Avataras to guide humanity on the right path and save the world from destruction. History shows that the life of Saints and Avataras is one of suffering and sacrifice for the good of humanity. The biographical sketch of His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Sivabalayogi Maharaj written by Prof. S. K. Ramachandra Rao, based on information gleaned by him from authentic sources, even though not complete, is a fascinating story of sacrifice, suffering and Divine Initiation, Inspiration and Guidance — the epic story of the great Tapas and Sadhana of a young boy of fourteen for twelve long years against many obstacles and hazards — and the emergence of the young youth as a Siddha Yogi, Sri Sri Sri Sivabalayogi

He has come with the mission of healing the body and the mind through Dhyan and Trance and guide and spiritually uplift those who come to him with humility and faith. His influence for good has already touched large sections of people and will no doubt go on increasing in ever widening circles with the passage of time.

We deem it a proud privilege and good fortune to have had this opportunity of association with the publication of this book by writing this Foreword.

R. N. Singh Deo His Highness Maharaja of Patna
(present Chief Minister of Orissa)
K. K. Devi Her Highness Maharani of Patna

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