The Inner Guide



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The Inner Guide

The Inner Guide
Yogi of My Dreams

by Jay Mazo


Dreams still come true in God’s miraculous world.  As a young boy of six in America I dreamed I was sitting in serene meditation with a bearded, awesome looking yogi who was wearing only a loincloth.  Was this a memory of my past lives?  As I grew up in New York I became automatically quite interested in the practice of yoga through pranayama, mantra and meditation.

On June 22, 1968, a member of the Indian Consulate in New York named Shantaram initiated me into a powerful Devi mantra.  Shantaram, who is married and has been practicing raja yoga for over thirty years, promised me that the silent repetition of the Devi mantra while concentrating inwardly on the spiritual light between the eyebrows would attract the attention of a powerful unknown yogi who would draw me to him as a disciple.  After meditating on the Devi mantra for a year and a half, the awesome yogi of my childhood dreams came again to me.  He said that he was going to take from me everything I held dear and put me alone to do tapas.  So in February, 1970, I concluded my job as a history researcher in the City University of New York and Air India flew me to sacred India to begin my quest of spiritual evolution through the contact of a living yogi.

I did not know the name of the yogi in my dreams.  I traveled all over India and met over twenty holy men and women.  However, it was the invisible astral presence of the unknown yogi of my dreams that drew me to him as a disciple months before I was destined to physically meet him in March 1970.

One evening I was walking through a barren field near Bannerghatta Road in Bangalore.  Suddenly some spiritual miracle descended upon me.  A terrific electric force poured through my head and its power made me feel like my whole body was being crushed.  Then after walking a hundred yards I discovered that this force was emanating from the ashram of Shivabalayogi.  I sat down in the ashram and closed my eyes to relax, not to meditate.  But to my surprise, within my inner sight appeared a vision of Lord Shiva rapt in eternal meditation.  Then within my mind the voice of Shivabalayogi said that I must do more and more meditation to ultimately attain liberation.

 Jay Mazo, sitting next to Swamiji's mother,
being presented with a copy of his newly published book,
Bangalore, August of 1973.

From March until July of 1970, I would periodically meditate at the Shivabalayogi Ashram in Bangalore while Shivabalayogi was away touring North India to spread the practice of meditation among the general public.  Even in his absence, I continued to have repeated meditation experiences of electric energy descending, feelings of bliss in the heart, expanding mental peace, visions of Lord Shiva, and telepathic messages from Shivabalayogi.  At the ashram I also witnessed bhajans during which people would spontaneously go into either a deep meditative trance or a dynamic dancing trance and taking the role of various gods of the Indian tradition.  This miracle of trance transmission by a spiritual master to his devotees can best be explained by the term kundalini kriya shaktipat.  Hence the liberated Guru by his will power can awaken the latent kundalini life force of his devotees.

On July 12, 1970, the yogi of my dreams at last became a living reality when I met him in Bangalore and experienced love, peace, light and energy vibrations radiating from the liberated saint.  The next day he initiated me into dhyan meditation with the inner vision of Lord Shiva’s son Muruga plus the feeling of the kundalini life force being awakened.  With Shivabalayogi, initiation means sitting in front of him for an hour while keeping the mind silent and the inner vision focused between the eyebrows.  It is the common experience of thousands of people who have received Shivabalayogi’s initiation to see lights, have visions of gods, feel the kundalini life force awakening, experience bliss, and know expanding mental peace while meditating before him.  With continued meditation, I experience my guru coming within and dictating spiritual messages to guide me on the path.



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