“Swamiji did not do tapas with any desire for himself.  Under such circumstances, the person who does tapas becomes an agent of God
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Shivabalayogi tapas photos

Another Four Years of Tapas

Having meditated in samadhi for twenty-three hours each day for eight years to master all four directions, the Divine Guru instructed Shivabalayogi to face east for another four years to complete the twelve-year cycle of yuga tapas.  The Guru said that twelve hours of meditation a day would suffice, and that Shivabalayogi could begin initiating aspirants into dhyana meditation.

Shivabalayogi adopted the following daily routine.  From four in the morning until four in the afternoon he meditated, mostly in samadhi.  Then devotees would come to the Dhyana Mandir for his darshan and to sing bhajans.  At midnight he had his daily bath, followed by about three hours of rest until four in the morning.

Completion of Twelve-Year Tapas

Shivabalayogi having completed tapas to the West

Shivabalayogi in 1961, after having completed twelve years of tapas.

Shivabalayogi on samadhi.

Shivabalayogi on his tapas.

See Tapas Photos slide show.

From about January of 1961, Shivabalayogi began increasing the time he spent in samadhi each day.  He became absorbed in nirvikalpa samadhi around the beginning of June, 1961, which lasted unbroken for two months.  At midnight of the 1st of August, 1961, the Divine Guru came and aroused him from his deep samadhi.

When the Balayogi had returned to physical consciousness, a dazzling light flashed from the guru’s body like lightning.  Instead of the dark hued jangama devara, the form in which the Divine Guru had appeared since Shivabalayogi had been initiated into tapas, there stood the snow white and sublime form of Shankara Bhagavan accompanied by his Divine Consort, Goddess Parvati.

The gods began to converse affectionately with Shivabalayogi, whom they looked upon both as their disciple and their child.  Shankara Bhagavan told the yogi that his tapas was over.  “You may go wherever you like and do whatever you wish,” said Lord Shiva.

Shivabalayogi replied that he had no wish to go anywhere or do anything in particular.  “Do you have any wish in mind?” Lord Shiva asked.  “You may ask for anything and it shall be granted to you.”

Again Shivabalayogi replied that he desired nothing at all and that he would do whatever Lord Shiva wanted him to do.

Thousands of people thronged to Adivarapupeta as the day for completion of the twelve-year yuga tapas approached.  They came from the nearby villages and they came from distant places.  By the morning of the 7th of August, 1961, a vast crowd estimated to be a hundred thousand or more had assembled in and around the Dhyana Mandir waiting for the grand occasion when the yogi would emerge.

At eight that morning, Shivabalayogi marked his completion of the twelve years of yuga tapas by chanting the sacred sound of Aum in a melodious voice.  The doors of the Dhyana Mandir were thrown open and as he came out, a mighty roar went up from the assembled multitude.

Considerably weakened by lack of nourishment during the two month long samadhi, Shri Shri Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj had to be helped to a high wooden platform specially constructed for the occasion.  Then, as the yogi came into full view of the vast assembly, more thunderous cheering broke out.  The surrounding countryside reverberated to the shouts of “jai” (meaning victory) from tens of thousands of throats.  This adoration by his devotees nearly sent the yogi into samadhi again, and he had to be supported to keep from falling.

Standing there with eyes closed, in a semi-conscious state of spiritual ecstasy, Shri Shri Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj silently showered his blessings on the people who had assembled for his darshan.  The people who pushed and jostled to get a closer view saw a yogi whose body, though emaciated and deformed by the rigors of his intense tapas, shone with an indescribable luster and whose face visibly exuded peace and spiritual grace.