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Shivabalayogi tapas 1949  

Shivabalayogi’s Tapas

“Swamiji was just a normal youngster like any of you.  He went to play and while he was eating the palmyra fruit he got enlightenment.  Then he started doing tapas and now he has become a yogi.  That is the meaning of enlightenment.  Enlightenment is not everything.”

“Swamiji had gone into the state of samadhi.  He was not aware of what was going on around him.  So at that time, the other people who were around him, they couldn’t understand what was happening.  So they lifted him by the hand.  They hit him.  They beat him up.  And then they took him back to the house.  All that he didn’t know at that time.  All that is in the book, Tapas Shakti.  All that is described there.”

“Shiva chose Swamiji even though he was very naughty.  Swamiji did not care about anybody, only the truth.  Even today he is like that.  Swami did not know when he sat in tapas what it was.  He was forcefully sat by his guru Bhagavan.  Now he understands.  That is why Swamiji is explaining everything to you.  Even when he was a child he was much stronger than you.”

“Swamiji did not care about difficulties or troubles.  He did not keep that in mind.  That is why it was simple and easy for him.  Whenever people came and created trouble, Swamiji would not take it seriously.  He would just close his eyes and go into samadhi.”

When Swamiji could have anything he wanted, he told his Guru,

“I did not do this tapas on my own.  You made me do this.  Tell me why you made me do this tapas.  Tell me what you want me to do henceforth.  If you do not want me to do anything in particular, then I will return to my old life.”

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