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Shivabalayogi Hand USA 

Shiva, Shivabalayogi’s Guru

“Whenever Swamiji wishes to see his guru, he appears in front of Swamiji. Swami does service for the people only with the direction of his guru.  Swamiji asks his guru about whatever he has to do. Swamiji does whatever his guru tells him.”

“The way Lord Shiva appeared the very first time, that is the same physical form in which he appears to give Swamiji direction.  Swamiji keeps following the directions given by his guru. He follows the directions very exactly.  If his guru tells him not to go to a certain place, he does not go there. He goes somewhere only at the direction of his guru.  His guru made him do tapas for doing service to the public, so he follows whatever directions his guru gives.”

“It is not just a form that appears internally.  Lord Shiva comes just like a man.  He can come anywhere. He can go anywhere. Wherever he feels he should go, he will go there.  Others can see him if they do good meditation.  Even when Christ appears to somebody he appears in a fully physical form like a human being. That is the power of the astral body.”

One day about a month before mahasamadhi I asked, “Swamiji how much work has been given to you by Lord Shiva?”  He gestured with his arms spread wide open as if to say, without speaking, “As much as this.”  Then again I asked “How much have you finished?”  He held a thumb and first finger together to show as much as a mustard seed.  Then I exclaimed, “Swamiji that means you have to do more work!”  For that he nodded his head seriously.


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