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Shivabalayogi, New York 1989Shivabalayogi; The Culture of Guru & Devotee


“A person who does tapas with a desire in mind, and he attains God realization, then he would become God.  But you take his example.  He has not done tapas by himself, with his desire.  He was made to do tapas and he didn’t have any desire in mind when he had God realization.  So under such conditions, the person who does tapas becomes an agent of God.  He remains an agent of God and does what he can to serve all the people.”

“Instead, if he claims or declares that he himself is God, then all his devotees will also declare that they are gods.  Swamiji is an agent of God. He was chosen to be the agent of God. God has chosen him and God has trained him to do God’s work.  So now he should remain an agent of God and he should serve the people.  Otherwise if he declares himself as God, then those of us who are near him, we would say that we had a direct relation with him, we are the direct devotees of Swamiji, so therefore we also are gods.”

“You are not be able to do it now.  But later on you, Swamiji’s devotees, will start doing it.”

“Instead, Swamiji should bring it out as the culture of the guru and disciple.  He should try to continue that culture instead of declaring himself to be a god.  Otherwise all the spiritual leaders will become gods.  If everyone becomes a god, there won’t be anybody to serve the people.”

As Swamiji continued to come and stay in Dehradun, more and more devotees gathered.  Some devotees were very rich and some in very high government positions.  As these new devotees gathered around Swamiji, we old devotees who were not very well off started getting doubts whether we would still have Swamiji in the same old way, or whether Swamiji would start distancing himself from us.  One day Swamiji called three of us together and said,

“Don’t ever have this thought in mind.  Don’t ever think that I’ll keep you at a distance.  Whoever comes, whatever happens to me, I will keep you three.  You three will always be with me all the twenty-four hours of the day.  Don’t ever doubt this.  Other devotees may come and go, but that doesn’t matter.  My relationship with you will remain the same whatever happens.”


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