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Shivabalayogi Coliumbus 1990  


“There are several kinds of samadhi.  One type of samadhi is when you are meditating.  A current passes through the body, you go into samadhi, and you forget about your body.  There is another type of samadhi that is deeper than the first.  The current passes from the backside of your spine and you go into samadhi.  That becomes a sort of standard samadhi.  Then there is yet another deeper samadhi that is the last samadhi.  In that the soul comes out of your body and stabilizes about six inches over the head.  Then you can get God realization [sakshatkara].  After some time the soul re-enters the body.  There is also a kind of samadhi in meditation in which one gets experiences.  One gets a lot of happiness and forgets about one’s body.  That is another kind of samadhi that results from the experiences.”

“Read the history of Swami and you will come to know.  If you reach that stage, then talking about it would be good to pull you up.  What is the use of telling you about samadhi now? If Swami tells you about it now you will think of that in your meditation instead of doing your meditation.  If you really reach the state of samadhi then it will be up to Swami to guide and tell you how to go forward from there.”

“Swamiji gives you a guarantee.  If you learn, he will teach you samadhi.  If you practice daily then you can reach samadhi in this lifetime.”


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