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Shivabalayogi Bangalore  


Meditation Leads to Samadhi

“To get samadhi one has to do meditation.  One can follow other paths such as the line of devotion.  If you pray you can get a lot of devotion.  But you cannot get samadhi.”

“If you meditate for an hour daily then your mind will come under control.  One day you will get samadhi and then you will not be aware of how long you have been sitting in meditation.”

“You do get samadhi if you only meditate for one hour.  Automatically the duration of meditation will increase.  You will not have any concept of time once you get into samadhi.  You would not know whether it is an hour or what.”

“You have to increase the time of meditation gradually.  You will get into samadhi if you gradually keep increasing the duration of meditation.  Once you enter into the state of samadhi you will get detachment.  Once detachment comes then the meditation automatically progresses by itself.”

“Swamiji guarantees enlightenment but you must meditate very well for one hour a day.”

From the printed “Meditation Instructions” that Shivabalayogi gave after initiation into dhyana meditation:

“Shri Swamiji advises you to progressively increase the duration of meditation to attain Self realization.”




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