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Shivabalayogi in jewelry 

Visions & Powers

“Do not get frightened by bad visions.  Energy created by meditation cleans the body and mind and leads to samadhi.  However, one should not open the eyes.”

“You can neutralize thought forms through meditation.  Any thought that you have produced and which is coming back to you in any form — so whether good or bad, when you meditate that stops, that gets neutralized.  It will be deflected in other directions and you will not be affected.”

“You get powers.  Whatever powers you attain, you should not use them.  You have to exercise control.  If you start using the power, stop.  If you get such powers you will automatically find a guru.  He will come to you.  There is no need for you to do anything at all once you get the kundalini powers.”



From the printed “Meditation Instructions” that Shivabalayogi gave after initiation into dhyana meditation:

“If you continue to meditate regularly you may have visions and experiences.  These may be recorded in a diary and you may ask Swamiji for an explanation or clarification.  If you have a disturbing vision, do not let this upset you.  Think of Swamiji and drink some milk or water mixed with a pinch of vibhuti.”


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