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Shivabalayogi Bangalore  

Meditation & Suffering

“Suffering is not a part of sadhana [spiritual practice].  If you have bodily pains then you should tell your guru.  The guru will remove your body pains or whatever afflictions you have.  The struggle that is going inside your body with bad health, Swamiji will take care of that.”

“All the pain and suffering that one has to undergo is a test.  God tests.  If one passes these tests then one can reach God.”

“The person who is doing the tapas, when his body is suffering from anything, he feels that it is a test from God.  He doesn’t take it as a difficulty, so he proceeds forward.  If you think of it as ill-health, either you will return home from the tapas or you will go into mahasamadhi.  You cannot do tapas.”

“For those doing tapas, there is no relationship between tapas and the suffering of the body.  He considers the suffering of the body as a test for him.  Those who take it as an illness, and those who are concerned about it, they will not be able to finish or continue the tapas.”




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