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Shivabalayogi & childMeditation & Age

“Swami started dhyana at a very early age.  This is a good age to start.  Children can easily control their minds and they can meditate better than elders.  Children can start meditation at about age five and may meditate for about five to ten minutes.  Depending upon their age, they can meditate for about twenty-five to thirty minutes.”

“From the age of five until the age of ninety years, anyone can do meditation.  Even a man of a hundred years can do the meditation.  Even a man of a thousand years can do the meditation.  Ravana Asura did tapas for a thousand years.  Vishwamitra did the tapas for twelve thousand years.  Another great sage, Dhruva, started meditation at the age of five.  There is no relation between age and meditation.”

Guru Maharaj always encouraged youngsters to take up the practice of dhyana.  Guru Maharaj initiated people of all ages into the technique of meditation.  Even for old people he said:

“Do not worry about your age.  It is the body which becomes old.  Try to practice meditation as much as possible.”


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