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Shivabalayogi London  

The Bliss of Samadhi

“If you practice meditation you will automatically get samadhi.  As you keep practicing meditation you will get a lot of happiness and bliss.  The kind of happiness you get in meditation does not exist on this earth anywhere else.  All the kinds of happiness that you experience outside is nothing compared to the happiness you get when you meditate.”

“In this blissful happiness, there is a current passing through your body.  When the current passes through your body and into your head you get to this state of samadhi and slowly you will start going out of your body.  The soul will go out of your body and stay six inches above your head.  You will remain in samadhi until your soul returns into your body.  It could be a period of a few hours or thousands of years.”

“The body will take care of itself and feed itself as long as the person remains in samadhi.  The body will not spoil.  Only if the soul leaves you totally will the body start disintegrating and giving a foul smell.  As long as you remain in samadhi, your body will remain intact until the soul comes back into your body.  You do not have to worry about it.”

“However, the soul does not have any interest to come back into the body.  It wants to leave the body.  It wants to go back to the planet from where it had come.”



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