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Shivabalayogi in jewelry


Samadhi: Only a Beginning


“Swamiji was just a normal youngster like any of you.  He went to play and while he was eating the palmyra fruit he got samadhi [enlightenment].  Then he started doing tapas and now he has become a yogi.  That is the meaning of enlightenment.  Enlightenment is not everything.”

“Enlightenment happens in a moment and it happens only once.  Tapas is performed gradually.”

“When you become enlightened you will do tapas.  There is a difference between enlightenment and Self realization.  What Swamiji has achieved is Self realization.  A yogi is a Self realized person.  He is not just an enlightened person.  When a person gets enlightened that person starts doing tapas to realize the Self.”





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Swamiji’s Treasure:  The most comprehensive collection of biography, experiences, conversations & photographs of Shivabalayogi.

Tapas Shakti:  Published at Swamiji’s request in India, January of 1992.  Contains his biography, conversations & experiences.