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God Realization & Experiences of Shivabalayogi


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The authoritative resource on one of the world’s great yogis of the 20th Century.  A comprehensive and detailed biography of Shivabalayogi, including all available recorded conversations with the great Yogi, experiences of over a hundred devotees, and over three hundred sixty photographs.

Swamiji’s treasure is the devotees.

“Swamiji was just a normal youngster like any of you.  He went to play and while he was eating the palmyra fruit he got enlightenment.  Then he started doing tapas and now he has become a yogi.  That is the meaning of enlightenment.  Enlightenment is not everything.”

“When you become enlightened you will do tapas.  There is a difference between enlightenment and Self realization.  What Swamiji has achieved is Self realization.  A yogi is a Self realized person.  He is not just an enlightened person.  When a person gets enlightened that person starts doing tapas to realize the Self.”

“If you meditate well you will come to know.  If you do sadhana [spiritual practice] you yourself will come to know what is the truth.”

“Swamiji gives you a guarantee.  If you learn, he will teach you samadhi.  If you practice daily then you can reach samadhi in this lifetime.”

“If you practice meditation you will automatically get samadhi.  As you keep practicing meditation you will get a lot of happiness and bliss.  The kind of happiness you get in meditation does not exist on this earth anywhere else.  All the kinds of happiness that you experience outside is nothing compared to the happiness you get when you meditate.”

“Know truth through meditation, then you yourself will know who you are, your religion, your purpose in life, and your nature. Do not believe what others say and become a slave to religious prejudices.
Meditation is your religion.  Meditation is your purpose in life.  Meditation is your path.”


Swamiji’s Treasure: God Realization & Experiences of Shivabalayogi

Written by Tom Palotas, the author of Darshan, Tapas Shakti, The Living Yogi, and Divine Play.
Swamiji’s Treasure is printed in the U.S.A. on demand through Lulu.com
680 pages of large page (8.25x10.75 inch) format, Illustrated with over three hundred sixty photographs.  Hard cover bound.
Published in 2007.    ISBN 0-9760783-1-7

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