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Yogis Protect the World

“Only yogis can help the world.  You have to concentrate on your advancement first, but you can wish good for others.  Those who do meditation should not get involved in politics.  Instead they should bring the politicians to meditate.”

“Many yogis will be coming to this earth, like Christ, Mohammed, Buddha.  They will all come and they will all protect you.  Because these times are changing and things are getting bad to worse, so they are coming to settle things right and save you people.”

“The part of God will be around ten percent.  The part played by the yogi will be ninety percent.  The part the yogi plays to avoid the war is to safeguard and protect the people.  God just unconcernedly watches the drama that is happening.  Swamiji keeps the demons on one side and the people on the other side, and the deities on another side.  He keeps watching the waters.  As a yogi, Swamiji is always trying to protect the people.”

“What do you think a yogi is? It’s all the yogis that have to come together, cooperate, and try to see that the world is not destroyed by atomic bombs.  Shiva just lets the bombs loose and just watches.  It’s the yogis that have to chase Shiva and protect the world.”





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