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Shivabalayogi at a WeddingGuru

“It is necessary to have a guide and guru like Swamiji has.”

“People here also know what a guru is and what is the purpose, but the spiritual leaders have made the people doubt and have confused them. Gradually they will start understanding what is a guru.  Many people in America understand this now.”

“One can meditate, but after some time you will get into a circle.  It is like coming to a roundabout and there are many roads which lead in various directions.  At that time the guru is required to show you which road leads to God.  Otherwise there is no chance.”

“You would not be able to achieve what you want without a guru.  Trying to do it by yourself is aham brahmasya [the idea that “I am God”].  The sages Vasishta and Vishwamitra, whose names are mentioned in the Ramayana, were yogis like that.  Vishwamitra was a hatha yogi.  Both of them tried to practice by themselves without any guidance but they could not achieve anything.  So finally they had to perform tapas and then they obtained the vision of Lord Shiva.  This is an example of how you need a guru.”

“If you get such powers you will automatically find a guru.  He will come to you.  There is no need for you to do anything at all once you get the kundalini powers.”

“If you keep doing meditation, the guru will keep giving you lessons.  From time to time he will appear to give you instructions on how you should continue your tapas.  So if you do your tapas well, as directed by the guru, you will have the vision of God very soon.”

“The relationship between guru and disciple is called atma [soul] relationship.  Just like you or your husband or your children, you all are children to Swamiji.  You have to be a part of the family always.”

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