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Shivabalayogi Bangalore


Finding the Guru


“When the time comes your guru will come to you.  Even if you ask, the guru will not come earlier.  Swamiji’s time came in his fourteenth year.  His guru came to him and he started meditation.  Your guru will come to you at the proper time.”

“You will have to go for the guru and find him.  The guru won’t try to find you.  Automatically you will get the guru.”

“Unless the right time comes, you will not get these chances to be with the guru.  Swamiji has come and he is staying in this house.  The people in the neighboring house, they are not coming here now.  They have to wait for their right time to come to see him.”



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Divine Play:   Shivabalayogi’s life and blessings, 290 pages and over a hundred photos.  Generally available in bookstores and online.

Swamiji’s Treasure:  The most comprehensive collection of biography, experiences, conversations & photographs of Shivabalayogi.

Tapas Shakti:  Published at Swamiji’s request in India, January of 1992.  Contains his biography, conversations & experiences.