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Shivabalayogi Seattle 1988The Idea “I Am God”

“Without a guru you would not be able to achieve what you want.  This theory [that I am God] is called aham brahmasya in Sanskrit.  Sage Vasishta, whose name is mentioned in the Ramayana, was considered an aham brahmasya yogi.  Vishwamitra, who is also in the Ramayana, was a hatha yogi.  Both of them tried to practice by themselves without any guidance, but they couldn’t achieve peace.  Finally they had to perform tapas, and then Vasishta obtained the vision of Lord Shiva.  So did Vishwamitra.  So this is an example that you need a guru.”

“Vasishta could not go to God because he thought he is God.  Vishwamitra thought he was God.  He was a hatha yogi and had lots of kundalini powers.  Both had lots of ego and they thought themselves to be God, and finally they had to go to God, and do tapas.  They had to do tapas for thousands of years.”

“Even Adihankaracharya had problems.  Adishankaracharya thought he was aham brahman, he thought he was God and sometimes Shiva used to come and thrash him on his face and tell him not so.  Finally he came to know he was not God and he started to pray to God.  If you read the book of Adishankaracharya you will come to know.”

“The inner guru is God, Shankara Bhagavan.”


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