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Shivabalayogi coatGuru’s Astral Bodies

“The guru comes to you in his astral body and he talks to you.  If you do meditation well, Swamiji will be appearing to you always and he will be with you all the while.”

“Swamiji is always traveling.  He has millions of devotees and he has to be with everyone.  He will be going around and around.  Whenever you ask for him, he will be with you.  If you ask for his darshan he will come to you.  Otherwise, he will just be going by to another devotee.  Whoever calls om, suddenly he will go there.  If ten people call, Swamiji will go in ten astral bodies.”

“If you go and ask a picture of Swamiji, that is sufficient.  Swamiji will come in the astral body and help you.”

“Yogis come in their astral bodies and guide you.  All the yogis do that.  Christ appears to a lot of people here and there.  How does he do that? It is his astral bodies which travel and do the work.  Christ travels in astral bodies to bless his devotees.  A yogi has many astral bodies of many different kinds.  The yogi guides and helps people through these astral bodies.”

“Many yogis will be coming to this earth, like Christ, Mohammed, Buddha.  They will all come and they will all protect you.  Because these times are changing and things are getting bad to worse, so they are coming to settle things right and save you people.”

“Lord Shiva comes just like a man.  The way Lord Shiva appeared the very first time, that is the same physical form in which he appears to give Swamiji direction.  Even when Christ appears to somebody he appears in a fully physical form like a human being.  That is the power of the astral body.  It is not just a form that appears internally.  Others can see him if they do good meditation.”

What is the difference between Swamiji coming to us in an astral body when we sleep and a mere dream?

“You will know the difference when Swamiji comes and talks to you.”


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