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Bhagavan Nityananda

“Nityananda was a yogi.  He had to take twelve or fifteen of his devotees to be successors.  He blessed them all.  Out of them, Mukhtananda was one and he came over here to the U.S.  Others were in India.  All those people keep coming to Swamiji.”

“They are building a temple for Nityananda in Bangalore.  Swamiji was taken there to lay the foundation stone for that.”

Bhagavan Nityananda entered mahasamadhi the day after Shivabalayogi completed tapas. Privately, Swamiji confirmed the nadis that Nityanada was a prior incarnation.

“Nityananda had devotees in Bangalore as well as in Bombay.  The devotees in Bangalore wanted to bring him to Bangalore.  Those in Bombay wouldn’t allow him to go to Bangalore.  So in this quarrel between these devotees and those devotees, Nityananda left his body.”

“Nitayanda could not come to Bangalore, so Swamiji had to go to Bangalore.  All of Nityananda’s in Bangalore became his devotees.”

For ten years I had been involved with Siddha Yoga, the organization founded by Mukhtananda.  It was always Bhagavan Nityananda, Mukhtananda’s guru, who was the attraction for me.  He was the greatest avadhut, the greatest wild master, and Mukhtananda attributed all his power and knowledge and everything he had to Nityananda.  It was Nityananda I wanted to know, but he left his body in 1961, the day after Swamiji completed his tapas.

Nityananda was the only yogi I knew anything about. Nityananda was the unattainable one, the one who had died before I could ever meet him, the mystical one who I may never know in that form in my lifetime. It was always the ultimate to me to know a being like Nityananda.

I read in Swamiji’s biography where it mentions his previous incarnations. One of them was Nityananda, so one evening program, I recognized my opportunity to find out one way or the other.  I went up to Swamiji, looked straight into his eyes, and blurted out, “Are you Bhagavan Nityananda, Mukhtananda’s guru?”  He took a second, closed his eyes, and nodded his head up and down.


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