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Jesus Christ

“What Jesus Christ taught and what Swamiji is teaching are exactly the same.  Even then people would get transformed just by looking at Christ.  The same thing happens now.  People see Swamiji and they get changed.”

“The same things happened during the time of Christ.  Christ started teaching this type of meditation.  He also employed astral bodies to induce bhava samadhi during bhajans.”

“Whatever Christ had taught and preached, that’s exactly what Swamiji teaches and preaches.  So automatically people will start believing more in Christ and they will follow the path of Christ.  But if you mean that they will start following what the pope tells them to, that is wrong.  They are not going to follow what the pope tells them.”

A Christian missionary asked Swamiji how close he was to Jesus.  Swamiji held up his hand and crossed his thumb with his index and middle fingers.  “Jesus and I are like that, just like brothers.”

The missionary argued with Swamiji, saying things like, “You cannot be.  Jesus said he is the only way.”  Swamiji was told that he had to convert to Christianity and accept Jesus as God or go to hell.  Swamiji told them that Jesus is a good yogi, but that only got some of the young men more angry.  They were shouting at Swamiji and waving their fingers in his face.  Swamiji got increasingly angry at them.

Finally Swamiji slammed his fist on the table, a noise that made us jump.  Then Swamiji said very deliberately, “Jesus, yogi.  Swamiji, yogi.” He got up, we got up, and within a half a minute, we had all left.




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