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Shivabalayogi Cambridge Mass Zen CtrLord Buddha

Shivabalayogi“Buddha had to suffer a lot while doing tapas.  The way people made Swamiji suffer, in the same way Buddha was made to suffer during his tapas.  Swamiji was from a poor family and he was used to work.  He used to work all day even as a child.  He used to do business and earn money to support his family.  So being a hard-working man, he didn’t feel the hardship that much.  But for Buddha who was the son of an emperor and had lived in a palace, for him, the suffering was really very hard.  Before Buddha started tapas, he really didn’t know what suffering was.  Then he had to suffer really hard.”

“Whatever Swamiji is teaching right now, Buddha was teaching the same thing.  Buddha talked about samadhi.”

“Swamiji teaches the same meditation as the Buddha taught.”

“Swamiji is like Buddha Bhagavan.  Today people hear from descendants of Buddha what he said.  Only the lucky saw him physically in the same way you are able to see Swamiji physically.”





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Divine Play:   Shivabalayogi’s life and blessings, 290 pages and over a hundred photos.  Generally available in bookstores and online.

Swamiji’s Treasure:  The most comprehensive collection of biography, experiences, conversations & photographs of Shivabalayogi.

Tapas Shakti:  Published at Swamiji’s request in India, January of 1992.  Contains his biography, conversations & experiences.