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Yogi Is Love

What do you see when you look at people?  “Swamiji sees people who are not right on the path and he tries to put them right.”  Don’t you see colors, or energy, or auras, or chakras?  “Nonsense question.  Swamiji sees where they do not love themselves and he loves them completely there.  Swamiji is like a mother and they are his children.”

Swamiji explained how devotees could use everyday activities to improve their mind control.  One person remarked that Swamiji was very wise.  “Yogi not very intelligent.”  “If a yogi is not intelligent, then what is he?”  “Yogi is love.”

Once I was serving food to him in my own house.  There were two or three other people in that room.  Being hostess, I didn’t serve myself.  I served the others.  He said “No.  Serve yourself.”  I said, “Swamiji, I will eat after you people go because I feel very awkward eating my food.”  He said, “No, I am your mother.  You are like my child.  Who else will serve you? I’ll feed you first and then you will feed me.” I enjoyed that meal so much that I can’t tell you.


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