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Shivabalayogi Bangalore  

The Meaning of Yogi

“A yogi is one who has actually completed tapas.  By comparison, a spiritual leader is one who reads and gets knowledge from books.  That is the difference.”

“All yogis belong to a single line.  They are all the same and they are all connected together.  They do not have lines or branches or anything like that.  They are all the agents of God and whichever agent is sent by God, that agent comes forward to do service.  .  .  .  They keep meeting together and they decide what is to be done and they go ahead and do it.  They need not be on the same planet at any time, but can be doing service for people on different planets.”

“The outside guru is a yogi.  The outside guru guides and shows you the path.  The internal guru gives you visions.  It is the guru inside who appears to you and gives you darshan.  The inner guru is God, Shankara Bhagavan.”

“A yogi is more powerful than God.  God cannot deny a yogi anything.  Once God confers a power on a yogi, God cannot take it back.”

“A yogi is an ocean.  All who come can take a bath in it without any harm to it. Ramakrishna Paramahansa touched Vivekananda and gave his power.  Vivekananda in turn distributed that power to many.  This can only happen with a yogi.  A yogi can give power even to animals.”

“What do you think a yogi is?  It’s all the yogis that have to come together, cooperate, and try to see that the world is not destroyed by atomic bombs.  Shiva just lets the bombs loose and just watches.  It’s the yogis that have to chase Shiva and protect the world.”

“Yogi is Christ.  Yogi is Mohammed.  Yogi is Buddha.  Yogi is Shivabalayogi.”

[questioner] Can You name some real gurus of the world?

“Buddha.  Christ.  Adishankaracharya.  Mohammed.  There are a lot of Maharishis in Indian culture.  All these are examples of real Gurus.”

[Questioner]  How many fully enlightened masters are there on earth, such as Swamiji?

“There are a lot of people like that.”

[Questioner]  Fully enlightened?


[Questioner]  American masters?

“There are people in America but they won’t come out.  They are among the natives of this land.  They won’t expose themselves.”


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