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Shivabalayogi Sri LankaAgents of God

“If a person does the tapas with the desire in mind, and then he attains God realization, then he would become God.  But Swamiji has not done tapas with his desire.  He was made to do the tapas and he didn’t have any desire in mind when he had God realization.  So under such conditions, the person who does tapas becomes an agent of God.  Swamiji remains an agent of God and he can serve all the people.”

“When you go into the presence of God, you do not have any interest to come back into this world.  But yogis have to do their duty and do the work of an agent of God.  They have to come back down.  They have to follow whatever God says and they have to do the work God assigns to them.  As the light, he does not have to do the work.  It is because they are agents.

“Swamiji is the agent of the God, but he is not God.”

“Yogis are agents of God and whichever agent is sent by God, that agent comes forward to do service.  They come from time to time. God has an infinite number of agents.  None of them are actually interested in coming down here.  Only the naughty boys like Swamiji.”

“Yogis are God’s agent.  Whatever God says they have to do it.  They might send to some other planet, some other time, or they might send to some other planet. So it differs different times.  Every incarnation will be in a different planet.”

“All yogis know each other.  They are all agents of God.  So that’s how they keep meeting together and they decide what’s to be done and they go ahead and do it.  They may not be on the same planet at any time.  They can be on different planets.  But they do the service for the people.”

“Swamiji keeps doing service on the other planets.  He goes there with his astral body.  Not only he, even Christ does the service.  All those who are agents of God do this, not just Swamiji.’

“They are coming.  A lot of them are already born, and still people are going to be born.  All these agents will have to come and protect the people.  The people are in a lot of danger.”


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