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Shivabalayogi Dehradun 

How We Kill Yogis


“Same, same.”  Same thing happened to Christ, also to Mohammed, also to Buddha

[questioner]  Buddha died naturally.

[without translation]  “No, no.”  He was poisoned.

[questioner]  Buddha was poisoned?

[without translation]  “Yes.”

[questioner]  And Mohammed, too?

“Mohammed was not poisoned.  His head was cracked open.”

“If people killed Christ, it was because they did not know the value of Christ. They did not know Who he was. That’s the reason they killed him.”

“A tiger came onto the roads.  It was walking around on the roads, so the people fired on it and killed it.  Same thing happened to Christ. He came out to teach the devotion to the people.  There were a lot of people opposed to that.  So they got him killed.  Although his body was destroyed, the spirit worked and he performed his duty and his mission.  Even now he is doing it.  His spirit is still doing his work.  But the people now are unable to do what he asked them to do.”

On March 10, 1994, Shivabalayogi was sitting on the roof deck of Mr. Gopanna’s house in Kakinada, enjoying the cool evening air with devotees sitting around him, including Mr. Gopanna, Jagadish and me.  I used the occasion to ask Swamiji whether, say with Jesus, the devotees really intended to kill their guru or whether it was more a matter of incredible stupidity.

Jagadish smiled because he had just been talking with Swamiji about the same subject.  I still wonder today how it was that about three weeks before his mahasamadhi, both Jagadish and I raised the same question on that same occasion.  Maybe it was because Swamiji was so sick and weak and we both wondered whether, in some future incarnation of Shivabalayogi, he would blame us.  Jagadish, like me, found it hard to believe that any devotee could turn against and kill their Master.

Swamiji insisted it was intentional.  He had Jagadish explain to me, in considerable detail, the story of what had happened in Bangalore in August of 1991 when Swamiji took the homeopathic injection brought by two U.S. chiropractors.  He was hospitalized with kidney failure.  Swamiji had been surprised and disappointed that some of his devotees expected him to die and were making contingency plans.  The story went on for several minutes.

As Jagadish finished the story, Swamiji made a comment in Telugu with an intensity that suggested he was summarizing in a few sentences everything that Jagadish had said.  Jagadish translated, “Devotees come close to the guru and get guru bhava.  But some want to become like the guru, so they plan to get rid of the Guru.”

Swamiji added in English, “Understand now?”

Swamiji's description of Buddha killed by poisoning is consistent with the tradition that Buddha's last meal — in some traditions, a meal about a year before his passing — contained meat, and that it was knowingly offered to Buddha.  Swamiji explained that for a yogi like the Buddha, eating meat is like taking poison.

In the traditions surrounding Mohammed, in the last days of his earthly life, he suffered from various symptoms including a headache so severe that he wore a scarf around his head, like a bandage.


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