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Shivabalayogi Dehradun 


Jesus Christ, His Crucifixion

“The place where Christ was born and was brought up, who got him killed?  The people in the same place.  So it was his own people who got him killed.”

“Christ became a yogi and the people killed him.” 

“Jesus came to serve the country and the people.  The religious leaders who were in power at that time did not like Jesus.  So they devised a plan to catch him in some way and get him punished.”

“What actually happened is this.  After Christ was punished the representatives of the king took the cross into their hands and went around the city telling people that all traitors will get the same treatment on this cross as Christ had got.  This was a warning and a threat to all the people there in the city.”

“The crucifixion was not the natural death for Jesus.  It was before his time.  Because Christ was a yogi he could still attain his goal despite losing his body.  He could still serve the people.”

“After Christ died and lost his body, he still fulfilled his mission and got the people onto the right path.  He achieved his goal after he lost his body through his soul.  He became an avatar after he lost his body and finished his mission to teach you a lesson.” 






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