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Shivabalayogi asana 


Jesus Christ & the Pope

“Christ is in the form of a yogi.  The pope now is in the form of a policeman.  His dress and the way he looks, it’s a uniform.” 

“Try to look at the attire of Christ and the traditional attire of the pope.  The dress of Christ is that of a yogi.  The attire, behavior, and everything else of pope is that of a man who keeps the law of the king, a man who controls the law.” 

“Look and find out how a Roman policeman looked say two thousand years ago.  You get the point?  Yes.  The uniform that the pope wears now is not that of the devotees of Christ.  It is of that of the representatives of the king at the time.”

“The worship that you are doing now is more related to the king and not to Christ.  You are not worshipping Christ.  You are following the orders of the king.”







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