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Shivabalayogi padapuja Portland ORDisciples of Yogis

“There are disciples who have become yogis.  If you were to complete tapas, Swami would give you all the powers.  Then Swamiji would be ordering you because you are his disciple and you are meditating.  He will give you all the powers when you finish your tapas.”

“Yogis do bless their disciples and they get spiritual powers from that.  They train some disciples to be followers.  Some come to this country to teach what they learned from their guru, the yogi.  There may be many more of such disciples than are publicized in this country.  Such disciples teach meditation, just like the yogi taught.  Their followers gradually drop the emphasis on meditation and practice and soon all they are doing is reading and studying books.”

“Devotees come close to the guru and get guru bhava.  But some want to become like the guru, so they plan to get rid of the Guru.  Understand now?”

“He came to ask for Swamiji’s ashrams. He is a devotee who knows how to sit in tapas, so he could do tapas to help his guru. But instead of wanting to serve his guru, he wants to succeed him.”

“If Swamiji declares that he himself is God, then all his devotees also will declare that they are Gods.  Swamiji was chosen to be the agent of God and God has trained him to do God’s work.  So Swamiji should remain an agent of God and serve the people.  Otherwise if he declares himself as God, then Swamiji’s devotees who are near him would say that they had a direct relation with him, they are the direct devotees of Swamiji, so they also are Gods.  They are not able to do it now, but later on they will start doing it.”

“Swamiji should bring it out as the culture of the guru and disciple.  He should try to continue that culture instead of declaring himself God.  Otherwise all the spiritual leaders will become Gods.  If everyone becomes a God, there won’t be anybody to serve the people.”

Read about some devotees very close to Shivabalayogi in Soul Connections.

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