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“You are with Swamiji now and know the truth, but after I am gone people can say whatever they want about Swamiji.”

“If you ask about Christ, Swamiji can tell you the answers.  If you want to know about books and things, you can ask the authors who have written them.  There are lots of people who have different experiences and write different kinds.  Understand now?  No.  Jesus had devotees like this.  One got some experience, another got some experience, another got some other experience.  So everyone started writing books.  All these experiences became one book called Bible.  Same with Mahabharata.  Same with Ramayana.”

“The Bible is not original.  The Mahabharata is not original.  History gets changed.  Neither the Bible nor the Mahabharata is actual history as it happened.  Because Christ was punished, the king would have taken care that everything about Christ was destroyed.  In the Mahabharata, there was a fight between two groups of people, right?  In the end, one group won and their descendants rule the country.  They will see to it that everything that is written in the book is bad about the other group.  History gets distorted because of that.”

“After Ravana died, the story Ramayana came out and they wrote all bad things about him.  Actually, he was a really great devotee, but all his friends and devotees, everyone started writing bad things about him.”

“Swamiji has come to your house in America.  After another sixty or seventy years you might say that Swamiji was born in this house.  You will remember all these people having their food here and you will say that you were celebrating Swamiji’s birthday, that is why you were celebrating here.  What do you have to say about that?”

“Future generations will hear what you will say, so, you must be careful when you represent Swamiji, otherwise people take Swamiji in a wrong way.”


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Divine Play:   Shivabalayogi’s life and blessings, 290 pages and over a hundred photos.  Generally available in bookstores and online.

Swamiji’s Treasure:  The most comprehensive collection of biography, experiences, conversations & photographs of Shivabalayogi.

Tapas Shakti:  Published at Swamiji’s request in India, January of 1992.  Contains his biography, conversations & experiences.