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Holy Days

“Shivaratri was the day on which Shankara Bhagavan, Shiva, drank the poison.  The real meaning of that is, just like we are doing now, we have made lots of atomic weapons and nuclear weapons, in the ancient times also the people had made such weapons.  They ran away from them because of the danger that they caused.  Lord Shiva had to come down and drink the poison and save us.  So he did that on a day when there was no moon.  That’s why we celebrate it now.”

“Guru Purnima is the day on which the Sage Vyasa was born.  Sage Vyasa was born of a full moon day.  It is in remembrance of that event that all disciples and devotees worship their own gurus on Guru Purnima.  Buddha himself was born on a full moon day.  That’s why we call it the Buddha Purnima.”

“Take Swamiji himself.  Swamiji has come to your house in America.  After another sixty or seventy years you might say that Swamiji was born in this house.  You will remember all these people having their food here and you will say that you were celebrating Swamiji’s birthday, that is why you were celebrating here.  What do you have to say about that?”







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