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Shivabalayogi London 

World War

“There will be a lot of fighting.  You are going to have the third world war.  It will be a nuclear war.  Not in this year but within these coming years.  Until the third world war begins this fighting and this struggle will go on.  After the third world war the world will become better for people’s lives.”

“This is not the first time people have made atomic bombs.  This happened many thousands of years ago and many millions of years ago.  If you study history you will come to understand.  If you read the Yoga Vasishta you will come to know about that.”

“The atomic bomb is not new to the world.  It is actually very old.  The same types of bombs were utilized in the time of the Mahabharata.  The astra [weapon] called Pashupathasthra of Arjuna was similar to the atom bomb.  At that time the power of the mantra used to do the work.  Now it is the power of the yantra [machine] that is doing it.  In the past those people who could bring the weapon into action also knew how to dissolve its effect, but you do not know how to take back and nullify its effect.  That is the difference between them and you.  You can explode the bomb but you do not know how to take back its effects.”

“The whole earth is not going to be destroyed or changed.  Only a few people will be destroyed.  If people try to understand each other then nobody will suffer or get destroyed.  People will start understanding each other if more and more people learn meditation.  Then their tension will come down.”



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