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Shivabalayogi Sri Lanka 


End Times

“There will be trouble and the time is coming closer.  Because of this realization, people are more and more coming to this spiritual line.  Once they are in this line they will have this understanding.  They will be able to understand each other better.  Once they understand each other better, then they will be less tension and they will be peace.  If people can realize it sooner, then they can avoid the struggle and the stress which they may suffer in times to come.  Blessings.”

“Catastrophes do keep happening.  There will be a loss of some people’s lives.  But that doesn’t mean that all life will be destroyed or the whole earth will get destroyed.  Part of it will get destroyed and the rest will just continue.”

“The time has come for change.  If you practice good meditation, and if you obtain the necessary power, you can control your minds, you can reduce the tension in your minds, and you can resist all the dangers that are going to happen in future.”

“The world is not going to end.  Somebody or the other will come and protect you from that.  They are coming.  A lot of them are already born, and still people are going to be born.  All these agents will have to come and protect the people.  The people are in a lot of danger.”





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