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Shivabalayogi Bangalore  

Jesus Christ, the Second Coming

“Do good meditation and you will come to know when Christ will be born again, and whether he has already come here.  Christ really does come down.”

“Let us say Christ really does come down to you.  Will you allow him to come near you?  If somebody comes and claims he is Jesus Christ, will the pope resign his job and give that to Christ?  If Jesus Christ himself comes down again, he will have to start his mission from the beginning.  These people [the church] themselves will be his enemies.”

“Let us say Christ comes to you and he openly shows to you that he is Christ.  You will see very clearly that he is Christ.  But will your religious leaders accept him? The devotees would be happy to receive him, but what about the religious leaders?  They will again start a war with him, in the same way that they did at that time.  So it’s better that he remains obscure.  You understand now?”

“What’s the necessity for him to come in the same form and the same clothes?  God comes down in various forms.  God himself came down in the form of Christ.  Do you know in what form Christ will be coming down?   Did you ever see Christ?  How many years after the death of Christ did Christianity, the religion, come into being?  If it is true that the religion started two hundred years after Christ died, then there’s no believing that the people who started the religion had seen Christ.  It is only out of their imagination that they drew pictures of Christ.”

“Those people have not even seen him.  They don’t know what his form is or how he will appear.  So how are they saying that this is the form in which he is going to be born again?  Do you really think that he is going to take the form of a pope?  Do you expect Christ to wear the same dress that the pope wears?”

“If Mother Mary were to come in front of you now, would you accept her? Would the pope accept her?  That life of hers is over, so a new Mary would have to come.  If the new Mary comes, Christ’s devotees will accept and worship her but the spiritual leaders will drive her away.”


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