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Shivabalayogi Seattle 


God’s Role in the World

“The part of God will be around ten percent.  The part played by the yogi will be ninety percent.  The part the yogi plays to avoid the war is to safeguard and protect the people.  God just unconcernedly watches the drama that is happening.  Swamiji keeps the demons on one side and the people on the other side, and the deities on another side.  He keeps watching the waters.  As a yogi, Swamiji is always trying to protect the people.”

“It is our duty to protect all the planets.  Otherwise there is a result on other planets and they will burn up and turn to dust.  If something happens to this planet those people from the other planets will come.”

Early one morning, I noticed that Swamiji looked sick and very pale.  There was a look of deep worry in his eyes. I asked him whether he was unwell. He said yes, that in his meditation he had seen an atomic explosion.  He had absorbed the destruction of an atomic explosion.  His word were,

“I have experienced a nuclear explosion on myself.”





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