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Shivabalayogi 1988 Seattle 

A New Age

“There is an increase in spirituality all over the world.  People will realize that this line is the only way one can get peace of mind.  One can get over a lot of troubles.  One can get over health problems.  One can get rid of stress and tension.  In every way it benefits humanity and people and reduces tension.  That’s the main aspect.”

“People are now realizing that they have to seek God within themselves.  Swamiji agrees that there is a change towards seeking God within.  But your foundation has been shattered.  Some spiritual leaders have spoiled the foundation.  You will have to get it back properly.  Swamiji sees much change in people, not just in one country but in all the countries.”

“After every five thousand years, a change takes place in the world.  This is the five thousand years getting over now.  Everything will be changed.  There will be many kinds of changes.”


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Swamiji’s Treasure:  The most comprehensive collection of biography, experiences, conversations & photographs of Shivabalayogi.

Tapas Shakti:  Published at Swamiji’s request in India, January of 1992.  Contains his biography, conversations & experiences.