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Shivabalayogi Dehradun


World Conditions: Meditation

“Each individual should practice meditation.  Then tension will come down and people will understand each other.  That will reduce the pain and harmony will build up.  In this way you will be able to achieve peace in the world.  Meditation makes it easier for you to understand the people with whom you are dealing.  For example, if another person is planning to harm you, you will come to know of it ahead of time.  Meditation gives you the power to change other people with whom you are interacting.”

“Only when you develop your spiritual side will your tension reduce.  You are wasting a lot of your time.  Instead of wasting your time, if you spend one hour a day in meditation, then your mind will come into control and your tension will reduce.”

“First you should concentrate on your own advancement, then about the rest.  You should attain a particular level before you think of doing something for others.  Otherwise instead of benefiting others, you will come down.  This happens to many people.”





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