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Shivabalayogi with childCulture: the Foundation

“Foundation is not puja, mantra and Sanskrit.  That’s not what Swamiji means by foundation.  When he says foundation, he means that a man should stay with only one woman, and a woman should stay with only one man as her husband.  If all men and women stay with only one partner, then the culture will continue.  The blood carries the culture through.  If the father was devoted in his spiritual life, then his son gets that blood; he inherits that devotion and spiritual attitude.  That continues through generations and generations provided the people stay like that.”

“Culture is carried over on a foundation of the way you live life.  If the way you live is not proper, the culture does not get carried on properly.  It gets broken down and lost.”

“The present culture isn’t right.  It’s always good that parents teach their culture to their children.  Once that doesn’t happen, the children get spoiled.  It’s up to the parents to teach children the culture.  It would be very good if parents teach their children.”

“You have to lay a proper foundation.  If you look after that carefully and put your children on the right path, then they will grow on the right path and remain there always.  If the parent is not right, how can the child be correct?”

“If parents keep their children in line, right from an early age, then they will grow up well and they will remain in a good line.  If you let them free at a very young age and let them do whatever they like, then they get spoiled.  If you lay a good foundation for them, they will be strong.”

“People are now realizing that they have to seek God within themselves.  Swamiji agrees that there is a change towards seeking God within.  But your foundation has been shattered.  Some spiritual leaders have spoiled the foundation.  You will have to get it back properly.  Swamiji sees much change in people, not just in one country but in all the countries.”

“The crux of it is that you should not hurt anybody else.  When you go along on your path and you know that it is going to hurt somebody, you should try to come off the path.  That is foundation.”


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