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Shivabalayogi Bangalore  

Living in the World

“Duty, duty, duty; it is a duty.  God sends certain duties.  Whatever problems you may have, you have to work through them.  If you read Swamiji’s history you will come to know.”

“You can do anything you want.  If you practice meditation your mind will begin to get clear and you will be able to make decisions very easily.”

“You should put your mind to whatever work you are doing.  You should meditate for an hour daily so that you may come to know what you have to do tomorrow.  You will come to understand.”

“If you continue doing your duty and keep aside just an hour a day for meditation, you will balance them.  You can do your duties during the other twenty-three hours every day.  Just set aside a single hour for your meditation.  That is enough.”

“Once you start doing the meditation, then the peace and love that you experience will be permanent.  Even if you come into contact with people who have emotional disturbances or have any kind of negative attitudes, that will not affect you at all.  But on the contrary, you can change those people, their attitudes and their ideas.”

“Once you start meditating and then you have that kind of power that you can move in any society and you will not be affected.  You can change the people and their attitudes.”

“You will have to go out into the world and do your duty.  Then you will have to come back and do the meditation.  You should not bring the matters of the outside world into this practice.  That is what is called control of mind.  You should not allow that to come in and disturb you.”

“It is not difficult to separate worldly life from internal life.  Once you start practicing meditation, it will be easy for you to separate the two.  The outside world is society.  The internal world, the practice of meditation, is philosophy.  So, once you start doing meditation, it will be very clear to separate the two.”

“The outside world has to do with our body.  The practice of meditation has to do with the spirit, the atma.”


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