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Shivabalayogi with Sword 



Anger, Selfishness, Fear & Mistakes


“When you feel angry about a person, you should wait for some time and then try to talk to that person and settle the issue.  Then if you still feel that the person is not listening to you at all, you just salute him and you leave him to the side.”

“If you have selfishness, you will have fear.  If you’re not selfish, then automatically you will not be afraid.  If you do good practice of meditation, you will get control of the mind.  It is the mind that is creating all this fear.  When you get control of the mind, then the fear will disappear.”

“You don’t have to correct your mistakes now.  Instead, if you do good meditation, all those mistakes will disappear by themselves, and it will also see to it that you won’t commit any mistakes in the future.  Whatever has already happened, there’s nothing you can do about it.  What’s going to happen in the future, you’ll have to be careful about that.”






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