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Shivabalayogi India Tour 

Nuclear Tensions

“Swamiji has come to America to reduce the tension and to give you peace.  You have atom bombs with you.  You need protection from them.  That is why Swamiji is here.”

“You people have supported the men who made the bombs.  You have voted for the government that prepared these atomic bombs.  Now there is a danger to you, so what are you going to do about it? Every country has its own bombs, so where are you going to go now? On which country are you going to drop these bombs?”

“Now many countries have atomic bombs.  On which country are you going to drop these bombs?  Now no country can harm any other country.  Now there is no way you can control or destroy another country.  All you are going to do is increase your tension.  The only way left for you is to turn to the spiritual path.”



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