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The Environment

“In this country there are lots of poisons.  If some of these poisons leak, how many people will be affected?  Many people would be affected.  Let us say there is an earthquake, some sort of an accident, or somebody drops a bomb here.  What will happen?  All the poisons will escape and spread over the entire country.  Just by considering this one risk you can understand how many problems you will have in this country.  This is why your tension is increasing more and more.  You people have brought this dangerous situation upon yourselves because of tension.  You want to control other countries.”

“You have spoiled your environment.  You are digging many wells into the earth for water and then you draw out the underground water.  That makes the earth hollow and it sinks down.  You cut down the forests so you do not allow the earth to receive rain from the skies.  You should not despoil the forest.  If you destroy the forest then human beings also will get destroyed.  The rainfall will decrease, you will not have water for your crops, and you will not have any food to eat.  You are also using atomic energy and you are spoiling the atmosphere.  That is causing a lot of diseases and weakness for the people.  You are spoiling the environment in this way.  People are losing their intelligence.  They are losing control of their minds.  This is what is going wrong.  Nothing is happening to the earth.  It is fine.”

“You will have to control those people who are spoiling the environment.  First, you should not let them cut down the forests.  Second, you should not allow them to put wells into the earth for water.  It is you who lose if you do such things.  You will not get rain.  Atomic energy and the atom bomb are spoiling the planet.  You are getting affected in all these ways.  The tension in the minds of the people is increasing because of all these actions.  You can begin to reduce this tension by doing the meditation.”

“If resources are utilized in the proper way, then there will be no pollution, no bad effect, and the atmosphere will not be polluted.  If there is a factory and you throw its waste in the river, the water gets polluted and the life in the river and the people who drink that water get affected.  But if you don’t throw the waste in the river, then you will not be affected.  In the same way, if you throw waste or any sort of radiation into the air, then the atmosphere gets polluted.  There should be some other way to dispose of waste.  They should not be thrown out so that the atmosphere gets polluted.  If such measures are taken then there will be no pollution and people will not get affected.”


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